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Our Mission Statement provides the motivation for all we do, establishing the basis for how we interact with, perform services for,

and define our responsibilities to our clients.

  • The best interests of our clients come first. We recognize that we are in the service indistry. Attorney Cross and her support staff are sensitive to the needs and concerns of her clients. Our lawyers and staff are responsive and accessible.

  • We are committed to excellence in the practice of law, strict adherence to the ethical principles that govern the legal profession and the highest degree of professionalism.

  • All client engagements are appropriately staffed. Experience and expertise are matched with the needs of the particular matter to achieve the most effective representation of our clients.
  • We are sensitive to the high cost of quality legal representation. We are and will remain competitive and innovative in the market place in terms of legal fees and the way we meet our clients' needs. We encourage open discussions with clients about the cost of our work. The client should fully understand the cost of our representation throughout the engagement.
  • Consistent with our commitment to excellence, Attorney Cross and her staff are committed to education, training, and preparedness in her chosen areas of practice.
  • We recognize a deep commitment to the community and to our profession. All of our professionals and many of our staff are heavily involved in various community and professional activities.

Attorneys with the Law Offices of Hope M. Cross, PL assist clients with Real Estate, Title, HOA Law, Landlord/Tenant Issues, Estate Planning, Family Law and Civil Litigation matters in the greater South Florida area, the Tampa Bay area, the Central Florida area and throughout the state of Florida.


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